Can You Build Muscle with Resistance Bands? Absolutely YES 

 February 3, 2021

By  Ahmed Abdoulaye

Fitness offers multiple techniques and disciplines to get in shape. One of the best resources that exist to build the ideal body are the resistance bands. These elements of physical training are made from plastic material such as rubber or latex and are elongated in shape. Resistance bands are used to exercise the entire body. Fitness fans are asking themselves: can you build muscle with resistance bands? The answer is definitely yes, since these elements work every part of the body in the most varied ways, allowing the muscle to develop.

Here are the 10 ways resistance bands help you build muscle.

1. Resistance Bands Work The Whole Body

Resistance bands are efficient elements that can work all muscle groups, especially the most important ones such as legs, arms or back. The body adapts too quickly to exercise routines, so it is advisable to renew the training every two months or so. This benefit allows you to only need resistance bands to workout, which is something affordable that will not negatively impact your budget.

2. Losing Weight

Exercising with resistance bands helps you lose weight, which later leads to muscle building. Doing aerobic exercise with these elements burns calories and burns fat, allowing you to reach your ideal weight. Keep in mind that if you have a slender body it will be easier for you to build muscle. Your body will be healthy, and you will feel more predisposed to perform a fitness routine aimed at building muscle. You will look slim and muscular in the long run, having reached the ideal body.

People often associate these elements with general body toning, so they want to know: "can you build muscle with resistance bands?". Obviously, you can build muscles with these elements, you just have to exercise regularly.

3. Versatility

Resistance bands exercise and benefit the body in a versatile way. These elements serve to gain strength, correct body posture, facilitate stretching, gain endurance, establish good coordination, speed up the metabolism, improve flexibility and build muscle mass. Remember that if you want to build a muscular body you must take into account all the factors mentioned, since building muscles is not just about lifting weights. Despite the versatility of these fitness elements, people still ask "can you build muscle with resistance bands?" because few know how effective these elements are for any fitness goal.

4. Promote Muscle Balance

If you train regularly with resistance bands your muscles will be well balanced and this will be reflected in a harmonious body. These fitness elements tone the muscles, strengthen the flexibility and enhance your strength.

The muscular balance is a fundamental point for the final result of your training to be successful. Many people make the mistake of developing much more of a muscle group than the rest of the body. That's why we see many men with a highly developed upper torso, but their legs look too thin. You must avoid this aesthetic imbalance. The resistance bands work harmoniously with each muscle group.

5. You Can Use Them During a Rehabilitation

Resistance bands can be used even during a rehabilitation process for any type of injury. You simply have to adapt the level of resistance to your physical condition. Resistance bands work specifically on the area to be rehabilitated without causing damage. This is a great advantage, because it allows you to keep working out even if you are injured. Obviously, you must exercise under medical supervision for your rehabilitation to be effective.

6. Adaptable

The resistance bands adapt to you whatever your physical condition. These fitness elements can be used by beginners as well as by professional athletes. These bands have different levels of resistance that adapt to the specific needs of each person. Best of all, these different levels of resistance can be combined with each other, making training more fun and challenging. Remember that your training should always be to your liking. This guarantees that you exercise regularly over time.

7. You Can Carry Them Everywhere

The resistance bands are portable, lightweight, do not take up space and you can store them wherever you prefer. This allows you to train anywhere you go. This is a great advantage if you are traveling for work or going on vacation. No circumstance will interrupt your training. You can work your muscles with resistance bands as hard as you would with dumbbells or weights. The advantage is that you can take the resistance bands everywhere without any extra work. Remember that you only need your own body and a couple of resistance bands.

8. Simplify The Exercices

The resistance bands simplify the execution of the exercises without affecting the final effectiveness of this type of training. You can start training immediately with your resistance bands, as it requires no effort. This differs greatly from traditional training, as moving weights, bars or dumbbells involves considerable effort. This advantage encourages many beginners to get started in physical training, since resistance bands do not represent any complexity or excessive effort that is harmful in the long run.

9. Fluidness

Exercising with resistance bands leads to greater fluidity and speed of movement. When you work with these elements your exercises develop with more freedom. Consequently, you will obtain better aesthetic results in less time. Keep in mind that if you perform your exercises fluently your workout will be more fun, therefore you will feel more like exercising. Every time you ask yourself: "can you build muscle with resistance bands?" just remember that fluidity during exercise not only builds muscle but makes the process more enjoyable.

10. Your Body Works All The Time

When you train with bands, they offer you resistance all the time, so your body works throughout the execution of the exercise. This represents a great advantage in the final result: your body will be more toned. On the other hand, when you work with weights or dumbbells, there is a moment when you are not working against gravity. For this reason, there is a break during which the muscle does not work. The resistance bands guarantee a continuous work, which improves the final result.


There is no doubt that the great question people have: “can you build muscles with resistance bands?” has been answered in the affirmative. Resistance bands definitely build muscle. Training with resistance bands is the perfect choice for getting in shape. This type of training offers multiple advantages that promote a healthy and effective construction of each muscle group. Exercising with these elements makes your fitness routine easier and more fun, achieving more successful results. Using resistance bands considerably reduces the possibility of injury, since these elements work with one's own body weight.

This type of training has so many advantages that it is ideal even for those who do not like physical activity.

Ahmed Abdoulaye

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