Is Tofu Keto Friendly: 3 Easy Tofu Recipe To Get You Started 

 August 5, 2020

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Is keto friendly to Tofu?

You're asking yourself, is tofu keto friendly? Are you following a keto diet to lose weight? Keto is a popular diet plan that helped many people to lose weight and become fit.

Hence, more and more people are switching to a keto diet these days. But if you start with keto, you will often face one question with your food. Is this food keto-friendly?

You see, the keto diet mostly consists of protein-rich food and fat with little or no carbs at all. It is also important to realize that if you have too much carb in your diet, keto plan will not work.

Most people fail to understand why it is important to cut out carbs completely and fail to achieve ketosis state. They often take too much carb without even knowing it.

Therefore, asking is tofu keto friendly is reasonable. Hence we need to understand its nutrition content.

What is tofu?

Is tofu keto friendly

The main ingredient for tofu is soybeans. Soya milk is made from soybeans.

Then this milk is coagulated to make the curd. It is then pressed to make into square cubes that are sold as tofus in the market.

Half cup of tofu contains;

173-gram calories

17 gram of protein

10 gram of carb

9 gram of fat

6 gram of fiber

4 gram of net carbs

From the above chart, you can tell that tofu is rich in protein. Since it is a plant-based protein, for vegetarian people it is a common choice for protein intake.

Now let us get down to those who follow the keto diet. We know that a person following keto must have low carb and high protein in the diet.

It can be taken as a keto food but of course, keep in mind it has carbohydrates as well. Tofu is a popular choice for vegetarians following the keto diet. In fact, it is one of the very few protein-rich foods they can have.

Is tofu keto friendly?

As you can see, tofu contains only 1.5 grams of net carbohydrate. A standard ketogenic diet suggests you cannot have more than 50 grams of carbs in a day.

Hence tofu passes the test for a ketogenic diet. You can have tofu every day without worrying about keto diet limits.

Types of tofu and their carb limits

Tofu is not only a curd cube. You will find varieties of tofu in the market. The major difference in them comes from texture, soft tofu, hard tofu, extra firm tofu, etc.

Additionally, there is dried tofu, silken tofu, pickled tofu, processed tofu, fresh tofu, and more. If you are following a keto diet, you should ask yourself every time is tofu keto friendly and check out the carb content on the tofu you buy.

Since there are variations, you may end up buying one which is higher in the carb. Although carb content should not be too high in tofu, it is best to keep your carb intake in check.

Why is tofu ideal for a vegetarian and vegan?

Just because tofu is rich in protein and low on carbs, that does not mean everyone should have tofu on the keto diet. You see, tofu comes from soybean.

Some soybeans are genetically modified. When these are used to make tofu, it contains xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens.

The chemicals are similar to the female hormones called estrogen. It can cause cancerous growth in the body or disturb hormonal balance. This is why tofu intake should be limited by people.

All types of tofu do not pose a risk. But if you are doing keto and you are not a vegetarian, then it is best to avoid taking tofu regularly.

Hence, tofu is suggested to an only vegetarian diet and not the rest. If you have a normal diet where you can take meat, heavy cream, sour cream. These are healthier than tofu, and hence you should not replace them with tofu.

Who should take tofu in the diet?

You should only take tofu if you are a vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan following ketogenic diet, need to increase estrogen level.

If you have any of the conditions above, you can take tofu regularly. But before you buy tofu, make sure they are of high quality. Fermented tofu is preferred rather than genetically modified ones.

What are the best options to have tofu in the keto diet?

Right now, you know it is tofu keto friendly or not, but how do you prepare tofu for a keto meal? One of the best parts about tofu is that you can prepare it anyway for a meal. You can bake it, fry it, marinate it, even have raw tofu from the plate.

There are lots of ways to prepare tofu for a meal. Here are some vegetarian tofu recipes that fit well for a keto diet.

Tofu and bok choy salad

For this recipe, you need to marinate tofu and bake it in the oven. When you make the marinade, you can add a lot of flavor to the tofu.

Usually, a mixture of garlic, vinegar, soya sauce, sesame oil, lemon is added for a tangy flavor. Preparing this recipe takes time, hence you should start one or two hours ahead before the meal.

Crispy almond with tofu

At first, you need to press the tofu to get rid of the moisture. You can wrap the tofu in paper towels and put something heavy on it to lose moisture.

Keep it like that for one or two hours until it is dry. Change paper towels in between to help it lose moisture.

Now take some oil in a pan and heat the tofu at high temperatures to make it crispy. Perfectly crisp tofu is the key to making this recipe delicious. Then finish the recipe by adding almonds to it.

Tofu chips

In order to maintain keto, you need to keep munchies prepared. So, when you are hungry you have some keto food to fill you in. These tofu chips are suitable for this purpose.

Extra-firm tofu is perfect for the job. Make thin slices out of them and bake them in the oven to make it crispy.

Once the chips are done, you can sprinkle some spice on them if you like. You can also dip them in Greek yogurt and enjoy it.

Final words

After reading this article you must have got the answer to the question is tofu keto friendly. Tofu can be taken if you are following a keto diet. But you should depend on other foods as well, rather than relying completely on tofu.

It will make your diet plan healthier. Be extra careful when you buy tofu, see how the tofu is made to make sure it does not affect your keto plan.


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