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Rise above I can’t With a Workout Full Body.


How many of us can honestly say we are happy with every aspect of our body? I’d guess very few, if any..’My butt is too big.’ ‘My thighs are too fat.’ ‘I’ve got bat wings.’ Sound familiar? A workout full body is the answer..

We have all the good intentions in the world at first to get into shape, but the intention is often as far as it gets. Some of us do make the effort and sign up to a gym, or workout at home. But before long, we are standing back in front of the mirror, cursing that big butt, and slapping those fat thighs, and we’re back to where we started.

There are numerous ways we can attain the body we desire. A multitude of exercises, various apparatus we can use, places we can go., But the one ingredient they all need is our desire and determination to succeed..

By doing a workout full body you know that every part of your body is going to get the attention it needs. Tighten those thighs, lift that butt, shape those arms, and pull in that tummy.

Here are just a few ways to achieve your goals, and be the best version of yourself possible.

2Not so Dumb

Using weights is a great way of getting a workout full body, and dumbbells are a great choice as they are smaller, so take up less space.. Squats and lunges for your legs and glutes, standing curl and hammer curls for shaping those biceps.

Want to expand and tighten those pecs? Then dumbbell presses are a great way to achieve this, and are a lot safer than the barbell press if training alone. Adding dumbbell flyes to the press is a sure way of getting that stronger more chiseled chest.

Thickset shoulders look great and can be achieved with the use of dumbbells. The dumbbell press and lateral raise are great ways of hitting different parts of that shoulder, to give you that rounded look.

There’s more to having a strong muscular back than just looking good. A strong back is one of the most important things you can have, as far as performance and injury prevention is concerned..

Bent over rows and dead lifts are great for building up muscle and strength in the back, and with the dead lift,, you work the. Hamstrings, glutes, quads, traps as well as the entire core, this one exercise alone goes a long way to completing that workout full body.


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