Weight Loss Challenge – 4 kgs 4 weeks 

 March 19, 2021

By  Ahmed Abdoulaye

Weight Loss Challenge – 4 kgs 4 weeks

Hello Everyone,

A long time back we at IWB had initiated Weight Loss Challenge – 4 kgs 4 weeks and because of our readers’ demand, we are resharing the complete series. This was based on my personal weight loss experience. Yes, I know that Weight Loss is always challenging. It is always good if we have someone to encourage us, to push us for more n more …..

Weight Loss Challenge - 4 kgs 4 weeks

I have set a target to lose 1 kg weight every week and hence 4 kgs in 4 weeks. I know this is an ambitious target. I read somewhere – Aim for the stars, for even if you fall, you would land upon the Moon! I hope you understand what I mean :).

All I wish to see a lighter me!

Do you wish the same for yourself?

If yes, comment on this post below and start following the instructions and plans. We are sharing diet plans as well as workout plans. The workout plans are for beginners and home-based. (Another wave of Corona is on its way, we heard)

If we have a few volunteers who wish to accompany me in this challenge, I will share diet, exercise schedule, and tips every day. The post would cover everything that I face and everything that I do to attain my goal.

Let’s lose weight together :)!

Are you in for it?

Lots of Love


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Title: Weight Loss Challenge – 4 kgs 4 weeks
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