Rise above I can’t With a Workout Full Body 

 May 22, 2020

By  Ahmed Abdoulaye

Lack of Motivation

Workout Full Body? How many of us can honestly say we are happy with every aspect of our body? I'd guess very few, if any... 'My butt is too big.' 'My thighs are too fat.' 'I've got bat wings.' Sound familiar? A workout full body is the answer...

We have all the good intentions in the world at first to get into shape, but the intention is often as far as it gets. Some of us do make the effort and sign up to a gym, or workout at home. But before long, we are standing back in front of the mirror, cursing that big butt, and slapping those fat thighs, and we're back to where we started.

Time to Shift the Mindset for Weight Loss

There are numerous ways we can attain the body we desire. A multitude of exercises, various apparatus we can use, places we can go., But the one ingredient they all need is our desire and determination to succeed...

By doing a workout full body you know that every part of your body is going to get the attention it needs. Tighten those thighs, lift that butt, shape those arms, and pull in that tummy.

Here are just a few ways to achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself possible.

Assistance with Resistance

Value for money, versatile and can be taken anywhere. Resistance bands are a fantastic way to get that workout full body.. They allow you to isolate different parts of the body, so you can concentrate on the ones that are giving you issues.

Tone up those thighs, tighten up that butt, expand those pecks and give those biceps that sculptured look you've always wanted. By only spending 20 minutes a day using the bands, for 4 or 5 days a week, within a month you will see a considerable difference in your physique.

Resistance bands normally come in a set of 5 different colors, each one with a different weight of resistance. This allows for you to begin at a level that you are comfortable with, and to gradually build up your strength.

Minimal space is required to use the bands, and you can take them anywhere with you, they're your very own gym in a bag, and at around $20.00, its little bucks for a tighter butt!

Not so Dumb

Using weights is a great way of getting a workout full body, and dumbbells are a great choice as they are smaller, so take up less space... Squats and lunges for your legs and glutes, standing curl and hammer curls for shaping those biceps.

Want to expand and tighten those pecs? Then dumbbell presses are a great way to achieve this and are a lot safer than the barbell press if training alone. Adding dumbbell flyes to the press is a sure way of getting that stronger more chiseled chest.

Thickset shoulders look great and can be achieved with the use of dumbbells. The dumbbell press and lateral raise are great ways of hitting different parts of that shoulder, to give you that rounded look.

There's more to having a strong muscular back than just looking good. A strong back is one of the most important things you can have, as far as performance and injury prevention is concerned...

Bent over rows and dead lifts are great for building up muscle and strength in the back, and with the dead lift, you work the. Hamstrings, glutes, quads, traps as well as the entire core, this one exercise alone goes a long way to completing that workout full body.

Man vs Machine

There are numerous exercise machines on the market that can give you that workout full body. Rowing machines are great and have many benefits. Working the upper and lower body and also used for low impact cardio.

Increased endurance, effective aerobic exercise and great for weight loss. Add to this, the value for money that these bring to the table, a rowing machine is a great choice for that workout full body.

A home gym is, a piece of apparatus that you use to do multiple exercises, to get that full body workout. With the ability to build muscle and burn fat these machines are a popular choice...

Great to use at home and take up less space than you'd think. Train any time at your own convenience and can be used by multiple users. Safe to use, strong and durable. The ideal companion for that workout full body.

Some home gyms can work out expensive, but you can get them for around $250, you don't necessarily need to go out and buy a top of the range model to get the full benefits...

Get the Kettle On

Like resistance bands, kettlebells often come in a set of different colors, each one representing a different weight. They're a great addition to any gym to achieve that workout full body.

Kettlebell swings to hit those hamstrings, glutes, back and shoulders. Overhead press and push press for the arms. Floor presses, and close grip presses for the chest, and windmills and deck squats for that core.

Kettlebells take up very little space but can work out fairly expensive when you start to build you collection of the different weights available.

In at the Deep End

Last but by no means least, swimming. If we had to describe swimming in one word, a lot of us would say 'fun.' I'm not sure many would use the word fun to describe exercise, which is the reason swimming is one of the best ways to get a full body workout.

Certain movements like dolphin kicks and flutter kicks will engage and strengthen the core, and swimming is also of great benefit to the lungs.

Swimming lengths of the pool is nothing like the repetitive grind of the treadmill, and the benefits on the body are immense. Every part of your body will get a workout, and with little chance of injury, swimming is surely the best full body workout in the world, and let's not forget, it’s a whole lot of fun as well.

Ahmed Abdoulaye

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